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DDW Romante

DDW Romante - Black Peruvian Stallion

This strong, quality Peruvian Paso stallion with beauty, wonderful gait, brio, great bone and feet, personality plus, great temperment is now retired.  He continues to give people a great ride and be very polite around mares.  He's put some awesome babies on the ground, but at 24, he still has his girlfriend, Rosa, to hang around with.  He's loving his retirement and it still very respectful and has a loving attitude towards anyone who'll give him attention.
"Monty" is always a gentleman to his mares. He is very easy to handle and easy to breed.

His bloodlines include:
*Sol De Oro (V), Flamante, AV Sol De Paijan and *Piloto to name a few.  I had him gene tested at UC Davis and he is confirmed heterozygous for the red factor

This guy has been an awesome stallion.  I'm in search of something like him with his bloodlines to raise up another great horse.  In the meantime, the trails of Arizona are calling.  Time to take this guy out for a ride  :)


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